How We Helped Evaboot Increase their Organic Monthly Recurring Traffic and Revenue to 72,857 visits and €90,418, Respectively, with SEO

Uncamouflage and Mitt Ray helped Evaboot execute an SEO and content marketing strategy that organically generates 72,857 visits and €90,418 ($98,441) every month

The Client

Evaboot is an early-stage SaaS software company based in Paris, France, offering a LinkedIn extractor. 

The Objective

Jean Baptiste, the co-founder of Evaboot, hired Mitt and the Uncamouflage team on 19th November 2021 to help increase the organic traffic to the website through SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing. 

When we started working with Evaboot, the company mostly got its customers from LinkedIn, YouTube, and organic search traffic. But they wanted to scale their search traffic. 

Quick view of results

"I wanted to increase the organic traffic to my website, so I hired Mitt and the Uncamouflage team to help us with content marketing and SEO. I liked that they focused on increasing revenue rather than just traffic. I was able to see an increase in traffic and revenue very quickly. Now, because of their efforts, our website generates monthly recurring revenue and traffic of over €90,000 and 72,000 visits through SEO.

Mitt regularly updates me on the status of the campaign through detailed reports. He’s always easy to reach via Slack or email. I plan to continue working with him on our content marketing and SEO campaigns over the long term. I also plan to hire him to run ads for our website in the near future.

Mitt also gives me plenty of advice on improving our marketing and growing our SaaS company. I have learned about many strategies and tools from him."

Jean Baptiste Jezequel - Co-Founder Evaboot

The problems

Too many parts to SEO

Evaboot was already executing an SEO strategy internally before they hired Uncamouflage. But they realized that it required a lot of work. 

The company needed to get keyword research right, create quality SEO-optimized content, handle technical SEO, monitor SERP (search engine results page) click-through rates, and build backlinks. Handling all these tasks, on top of creating content for YouTube and LinkedIn, stretched the tasks their lean team had to handle.  

Building backlinks was especially hard as they had to pitch sites, write guest posts, and sometimes had to offer links in exchange. They weren’t able to reach the high authority sites they wanted. Also, doing direct link exchanges can harm a site’s SEO (and they wanted to avoid this).

Understanding the landscape and issues

To better understand the software, we first interviewed Jean Baptiste, the co-founder of Evaboot. We then visited Evaboot’s and the competitors’ websites and inspected the site and content. After that, we analyzed Evaboot’s and its competitors' websites with Ahrefs and SEMrush to understand the situation better. 

This helped us assemble an SEO report that gave our team an overview of the keyword, content, and backlink strategies. 

Narrowing in on the issues

We quickly realized that the site could do better by focusing on buyer intent keywords, better optimizing existing content, boosting topical authority with more content, and building overall authority with backlinks from high-authority sites.

The solution

The Uncamouflaging process

Uncamouflage is very different from most SEO agencies. Most SEO agencies like to focus on just traffic as the end goal. But Uncamouflage is a performance marketing agency. In addition to SEO, we help businesses with content marketing and ads. Our end goal is to help clients make more revenue, not just increase their traffic. 

The Uncamouflage process involves the below stages and steps. But we customize the approach for every client depending on their needs and budget.

The solution

The process we chose for Evaboot

Our entire process didn’t suit Evaboot, as they only wanted us to focus on organic traffic through SEO. They also had a deep understanding of their audience, a trial and onboarding sequence to capture visitors, and they were tracking traffic with an analytics tool.  So, we chose the below steps for them

Evaboot also wanted to handle most of the content creation themselves, so we chose to coach them, so that their internal team can execute a better content strategy.

Start with research

We started with some keyword research to understand the client, competitors, and their target customers. And to also find keywords we can use to optimize their content. 

Uncamouflage’s focus is to find high-value buyer intent keywords that generate maximum revenue instead of only traffic. Our keyword strategy will shorten the sales cycle and get customers quicker. 

Coach Evaboot

Evaboot wanted to create most of the content by themselves, so we chose to coach them on how to improve their content for search, engagement, and traffic. We advised them on outsourcing quality writers, optimizing content for SEO, improving topical authority, boosting conversions, using the right tools, and developing a better content workflow. 

Create content

We also created posts for the Evaboot blog. These posts focused on keywords with high traffic and low competition to ensure they ranked quickly with minimum link building. We also ensured that the posts would boost the site’s topical authority. 

We wrote the posts with our proprietary content copywriting. This writing style helps educate and sell to the target audience. We find unique angles to address the customers' pain points and then create better content than the competition. These are long posts with visuals and high-quality writing that appeals to a specific target audience. We also use Clearscope to optimize the content.

Build backlinks

Uncamouflage has a network of hundreds of sites in the B2B niche. We reached out to these sites and other sites linking to Evaboot’s competitors (that we didn’t yet have contact with) and built links. We only built links from sites with a minimum of 40+ DR (domain rating) and 1,000 traffic, as indicated by Ahrefs. 

Evaboot was able to pre-select the sites we built links from. We started with a limited number of links a month and slowly scaled link building. Through our backlink outreach, we scored backlinks from 100+ sites like Hubspot and via guest posts and niche edits (link inserts). 

A slow start

The biggest drawback with SEO is the time it takes to see results. It usually takes 3 to 6 months to see a substantial boost in traffic and sales. Fortunately, Jean Baptiste and the Evaboot team had worked on their SEO by themselves before, so they understood that this would take time. They were incredibly patient with us, and this helped us better focus on the campaign. 


A little victory

Our little victory early on was a jump in DR from 27 to 49. The client was pleased with this and sent us an email.

Finally, bigger victories!

Jean and Evaboot were happier when traffic began increasing. Now, the site gets 72,857 monthly visits through SEO. We raised it by 18 times. The site ranks for 21,500 keywords, and its pages occupy the top three spots for over 946 keywords. 

The organic traffic increased its revenue from SEO from €6,021 per month to €90,418 ($98,441) per month (a 15X increase). At this current rate, Evaboot will generate €1,080,000 over the next 12 months. But we plan to increase it further as we continue to work on their SEO, content marketing, and ads. 

The site’s DR increased further to 65. We were also able to get them featured on sites like Hubspot and  

More victories

All the organic traffic helped the site become a 24/7 sales machine and earn revenue passively. This helped Evaboot turn its attention to other aspects of the business. 

The founders were able to invest more into improving the tool and website and stand out from the competition. 

The company was also able to scale content and SEO, by investing in more content and links. They were even able to set aside a budget to run PPC ads and rank for keywords they weren’t ranking for organically. 

News about Evaboot’s success spread across the internet, and the co-founder got invited to prominent podcasts to talk about the company and the strategies he used to grow it. This boosted the company’s and the founders’ popularity in the SaaS industry. This was a lot of free PR.

Future growth for Evaboot

Here are some potential strategies we plan to explore to improve Evaboot’s revenue.

Create a lead magnet and an autoresponder series

We plan to use the lead magnet to capture people who don’t sign up for the trial, nurture them with free content in an email sequence, and get them to sign up for a trial later. This will get more organic traffic to convert. We will use popups and content upgrades just like we did for our client Top Dog Social Media to generate 490 leads in one month. 

Retarget blog traffic with Facebook, Instagram, and GDN ads

Only a small percentage of people who visit your website will buy your products. You can increase conversions with incentives such as free trials and lead magnets, but you should also use ads to get the most out of your organic traffic. We will create ads that promote benefits, discounts, and testimonials and use them to promote Evaboot’s products. We will also run retargeting ads to abandoned cart visits. 

Run Google search ads to test potential keywords

We will run Google search ads to potential keywords and check if we can achieve a good ROAS (return on ad spend). If the ads work, we will build backlinks to the pages and get them to rank organically. Our experience shows that organic traffic from Google converts better than search ads.

Use a content amplification strategy I learned from my mentor Alejandro Reyes

This is where you amplify blog posts with Facebook ads and create an audience consisting of people who visited the posts. You also create video content for Facebook and YouTube and drive views to the content with ads. As it is a native video, you can get views for cheap. You then create an audience consisting of people who viewed your ad. 

Finally, you retarget people who visited your posts and watched your videos with ads that promote the product. This strategy helped Alejandro grow Pushpay from a $10 million company to a $100 million company in two years. Evaboot already has a lot of video content we can use for this.

Create case study-type BOFU (bottom of the funnel) blog posts 

These blog posts break down the outreach and LinkedIn strategies that other businesses are using. This will help build thought authority. 

Create original reports and studies with data from the software 

We will use some of Evaboot's data and create industry reports. This original data will help us build backlinks from top news publications with little effort. 

"I plan to continue working with him on our content marketing and SEO campaigns over the long term. I also plan to hire him to run ads for our website in the near future.."

Jean Baptiste Jezequel - Co-Founder Evaboot

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